Vector® Positive-Displacement
Piston-Drive Process Pumps

Any fluid or semi-solid

The industrial-duty Vector® Process Pump family provides advanced-technology fluid management with low operating costs.

The reciprocating-action piston pumps reliably transfer any liquid or semi-solid to lengths of 800 feet, with constant flows to 11 gallons a minute, regardless of environment, turns or angles to vertical.

Powered by electricity or pneumatic air, versatile Vector pumps are low maintenance and customizable with highest-quality materials of construction.

Applications include

  • Hot chemicals
  • Viscous
  • Toxic, hazardous
  • Slurries
  • Semi-solids
  • High and low pH
  • Bio-reactive, foamy
  • Abrasive, corrosive, salty
  • Sludge
  • Unknown
Performance Data [PDF]
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